Updated 25th May, 2006

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There are many problems and pitfalls that breeders have to take into account when starting to breed dogs like The Australain Cattle Dog and The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog. We have gathered as many articles on breeding we can to assist, help or make aware many aspects of breeding. Currently there are 19 articles listed. If anyone has anything further to add to these articles please submit to the Secretaryfor inclusion in this section.

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Tips In Choosing The Best Dog Breeders. Dogs During Labour. Dog Breeding. Having Healthy Pups: A Few Tips On Keeping Your Dog Healthy.. Choosing a responsible breeder. To Breed or not to Breed...That is the Question. Spaying and Neutering. You and your new pup.
If You Want A Good Puppy.... The Right Breeder. Great Tips For Breeding Your Dog.

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