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Updated 9th April, 2006

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As owners and breeders, the majority of us could write on the back of a postage stamp what we really understand about genetics and its affect on the breeding of dogs. There are currently 18 articles list below that try to explain the basics and the more involved side of genetics. If anyone has any article they feel would be pertinent to,or add to this list, please submit to the Secretaryfor inclusion in this section.

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Genetic Principles It's All In The Genes Genetic Counseling Epigenetics may be just as important as genetics in evolution Understanding Genetics What is a Gene? Three Dog Eves: Canine diaspora from East Asia to Americas. Inherited Conditions and Characteristics.
A Few Home Truths Pedigrees-More to it than meets the eye An investigation of dogs' predecessors The Fédération Cynologique Internationale Cryptosporidium spp. in Domestic Dogs: the "Dog" Genotype Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain of a dog with hereditary polioencephalomyelopathy. Dog Genome May Shed Light On Human Disease The Popular Sire Syndrome Back to Genetics
Inbreeding Effects on the Immune System The link between behavior and need. Deafness in ACD

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