Aidi Dog Breed Description, History, Grooming, Health Issues and Living Conditions

byTeacup Yorkie.

Description: The Aidi is a muscular and yet lean dog. The head is in good proportion to the body and some say it looks similar to a bear. The muzzle tapers and it has strong jaws that have tight lips these match, in colour, the coat colouring. It has a black or brown nose; again this will match the coat. The eyes are medium in size and a dark colour with dark eye rims. The ears are slightly tipped forward and hang downward at about half way up the ear, giving an alert look. The height is 21-24 inches and the weight is 50-55 pounds. The tail is wonderfully heavily plumed. The coat is very thick and this is weather resistant, and it is course to the touch. Colours we see are black, black and white, tawny, pale red and white. Their life expectancy is about 12 years.

History: The Aidi came from Morocco, specifically the Sahara region. This breed lived and worked in the mountains of Morocco, Algeria and Libya. The dogs' role was to protect the flock, or family, from wildcats, wolves, and other animals that could attack the flock or herds. They were used by the tribes such as the Berbers and were used by staking the aggressive and watchful Aidi around the flocks at night to guard them. This dog has been used as a protecting dog for hundreds of years and only now, in Morocco, is the breed purity being protected. This dog has been a working dog but today this is more a family pet and the Moroccans have set up a club to promote this breed. The Aidi has never been a sheepdog but in 1963 the standards were set under the name Atlas Sheepdog, this was corrected in 1969. This dog comes under the American Rare Breed Association.

Temperament: The Aidi has lots of energy and is a very protective dog. It is powerful and will need long walks daily to release some of the high energies that it has. This breed needs a strong minded leader that can be the alpha. This dog will need a job and will not like sitting around for hours. Here we have a dog that needs a strong minded owner, but it is sensitive so needs firm but kind training. The Aidi is a very good guard and /or watchdog. They make good hunting and scent dogs. This breed is best suited to an active family that has had dogs before and live in a rural or semi- rural location with a love for walking, for long periods, daily. With the correct owner, this is a docile dog but always watchful. With the wrong owner, this dog can become very shy and or aggressive. Health issues: There are no health issues and the Aidi has good health. As with any dog it is very important that you make sure they are up to date on all vaccinations, de-wormings and heart worm preventatives. It is also suggested by the majority of licensed veterinarians that you take your puppy or dog in for a check up at least twice each year. Grooming: This dog needs little to no grooming. Living conditions: This dog, the Aidi, is unsuitable for apartment living. The dog will require acreage and fencing of about five feet in high.

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