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At present, you will be able to access 181 articles, most of which are pertinent to the breed, along with some on general canine health and genetic problems . Once again, if you have anything of interest you feel might be of benefit to readers, please submit to the Secretaryfor inclusion in this section.

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John (Jack) Timmins In The Beginning Baer Test Repeat Breedings
PRA Test Skin and Coat Problems Health Issues in the ACD FAQ's
House Manners Why Show? Horsedogs Fighting the Flea War
Is there any point in testing? You and your new pup. Dogs For Work and Protection Breeding Programs
Recommended Diet Age Ratio between Dog and Human Inherited Conditions and Characteristics. Diet Induced Aids
Dog Aggression. ACD Health Issues The Show Dog Standard Canine Body Language
The Standard for Dog Judges Starting your own Breeding Program. Genetic Principles The Seven Stage Apprenticeship.
The Standard for Exhibitors The Dogaholic Syndrome. The McNab Dog Pedigrees-More to it than meets the eye
Epilepsy The Dogs Bill of Rights Deafness in Dogs and Cats It's a Dog's Life
Common Canine Misconceptions The Paralysis Tick ACD Height for a Reason Dogs' Fear of Thunderstorms
An investigation of dogs' predecessors So you want to start showing? Punishment: Correction or Abuse? The Newcomer
Color Interpretation Tailchasing Fading Puppy Syndrome Poisons
Snakebite Socialisation By Any Other Name Good Advice
Hip and Elbow Dysplasia in the ACD A Few Home Truths The Alpha..You..Not the dog! It's All In The Genes
Genetic Variation In The Australian Dingo Didget's Story Luxating Patella As I See It
A Different Look At Flea Control The Ecology of Dingos in Qld. To Show Or Not To Show Breeding Your Bitch
Dear Dog Omerta:Breeders Code of Silence The Wrath of Grapes Rescue Stories
Genetic Counseling Coat colors of the ACD Coat colors of the Kelpie Coat colors of the Koolie
More on the Dingo Personality Plus Mouthing and Biting Behaviour in Puppies. A Tribute to the Australian Cattle Dog
Information on ticks in Australia Naturally Healthy Dog Food Dogs That Bite The Blue Ribbon
The Miracle Worker PRA in the Stumpy Training your dogs:A few things you must consider. Shoulders in the working dog
Praise and Punishment:A carrot & stick approach to training your dog Choosing the right type of tool to train your dog The Journey Ways that Nutrition Effects Your Dog's Behavior
Your dog's age in human terms How to help your dog with food alergies Things you should never feed your dog Why does my pet eat grass?
Understanding Water Balance and Strategies for Hydration in Performance Dogs Puppy Mentality What is it all about? Pet Ear Infections
What Type of Dog Food is Best for your Pet? Bringing Home a Puppy -- Be Prepared! What Ever It Takes Mark Of A Champion
Crates and Housebreaking Is Your House Killing Your Dog? Dogs and Children Over Weight Pets
Have you realised? Those Who Can Dream. Introducing a New Puppy into a Home with an Existing Pet Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dog for Family Life
Puppy Training Tips for the First Week Crate Training for your Puppy How to Housebreak Your Dog or Puppy (Dogs) You Are The Greatest Teacher
Epigenetics may be just as important as genetics in evolution Breed Specific Legislation On With The Show -Another Morning- Understanding Genetics
Housebreaking a New Puppy What is a Gene? The Tide is Turning Vaccinating Your Dog - How Much And How Often?
First Aid For Dogs Choosing a responsible breeder. Providing Good Dental Care Can Extend Your Dog's Life. Dog Health Care: What You Should Know.
Should we get a purebreed or a mutt? Why is an All Natural and Holistic to Pet Food Gaining Importance?. Grooming Your Dog. How to Recognize & Respond to Dog Aggression.
Dog Training, Training Your Dog. The Dog's Internal Anatomy: Part 1 - Skeletal. The Dog's Internal Anatomy: Part 2 - Muscles,Tendons,Ligaments,And joints. Incessant Dog Barking.
Defence Against Dogs. How to Prevent and Treat Hotspots. How Dogs Benefit Children. What You Should Know About Your Dog's Sleeping Habits.
Prevent Dog Bites. New Canine Flu. Function Dictates Form Kennel Cough
How to bath your dog. Where did all those dog expressions come from? The Importance Of The Dog's Anal Gland. Leptospirosis In Dogs.
Five Tips For New Dog Owners. Three Dog Eves: Canine diaspora from East Asia to Americas. Heartworms In Dogs - What They Are & What To Do Obesity In Dogs
Spaying and Neutering. Are 2 dogs better than 1?. The Smithfield. Separation Anxiety in Dogs
The solution to the problem behind "problem behavior". Arthritis and Rhuematism in Pets. Why feeding your dog a consistent diet "on time" is a bad idea. Intestinal Parasites In Dogs
Dogs, Cats, And Horses… We Love Them All!. Grain or not in a dog's diet? Dog Training - House Training Your Dog Eliminating Problem Dog Behaviors - Jumping And Roaming
Do you know your dog?. Be a leader,a dog will follow. Dog Heroes: All Time Heroes. Having Healthy Pups: A Few Tips On Keeping Your Dog Healthy..
How Inspiring Dog Tales Can Be. Dog Breeding. The "Bite" of the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog The Standard
Dogs During Labour. What makes a good exhibitor? The desexing of puppies. Mealtime is the Perfect Time - for Dog Training, That Is.
Tips In Choosing The Best Dog Breeders. I am Your Puppy. A sobering thought regarding PRA (prcd). Acute Moist Dermatitis.
Dogs Pregnancy Tips. Adopting A Dog - Puppy Or Adult? Birth Defects in Dogs Working the Australian Cattle Dog
Why Do Dogs Fear Loud Noises And What Must You Do?

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