Articles on or relative to the breed.
Updated 21st July, 2010.

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- The Australian Cattle Dog Social Club of North Queensland -

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At present, you will be able to access 383+articles, most of which are pertinent to the breed, along with some on general canine health and genetic problems . Once again, if you have anything of interest you feel might be of benefit to readers, please submit to the Secretaryfor inclusion in this section.

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Theories on the breed histories

General articles on or related to the ACD and The ASTCD

Health Issues relating to The ACD and the ASTCD.

General Articles on Dogs

Showing Tips and some humourous articles.

Some Topics on Genetics.

Many varying methods and tips on training.

Problems and pitfalls that breeders have to take into account when starting to breed dogs.

Care and Training of Puppies.

Interesting Articles on Different Breeds.

Submitted by John Chandler

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