Articles on or relative to the breed.
Updated 16th February, 2011
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Listed here are 60 very good articles on dogs in general. Once again, if you have anything of interest you feel might be of benefit to readers, please submit to the Secretaryfor inclusion in this section.

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Your dog's age in human terms Understanding Water Balance and Strategies for Hydration in Performance Dogs What is it all about? What Ever It Takes Mark Of A Champion Those Who Can Dream. (Dogs) You Are The Greatest Teacher
Breed Specific Legislation On With The Show -Another Morning- The Tide is Turning Should we get a purebreed or a mutt? The Dog's Internal Anatomy: Part 1 - Skeletal. The Dog's Internal Anatomy: Part 2 - Muscles,Tendons,Ligaments,And joints. Where did all those dog expressions come from?
The Smithfield. Dogs, Cats, And Horses… We Love Them All!. Dog Heroes: All Time Heroes. How Inspiring Dog Tales Can Be. How Could You? How Dogs Benefit Children Dog Bite: Prevent Or Deal With It
How to improve the quality of your dog's life! Dog Breeds 12 Golden Rules for every Dog Owner Are 2 Dogs Better Than 1? A Letter to Dogs and Cats What People Need To Know About Dog Behavior Living in Dog Years
Dogs and Man. A Tale Of Four Dog Foods: Finding The Best Chow For Your Hound Separation Anxiety in Dogs Soft Or Hard Dog Food - Which Is Best? 7 Dog Adoption Tips I Learned From My 2 Dogs What You Need To Know About Spaying and Neutering Your Best Friend Bites
Horsedogs 6 Significant Dog Instincts And Traits Working the Australian Cattle Dog Why Do Dogs Fear Loud Noises And What Must You Do?