Yarns and Stories

37 Humourous stories,and yarns etc. about the ACD and dogs in general.

-From Newsletter Archives of-

- The Australian Cattle Dog Social Club of North Queensland -

Barb Wire

Last updated 7th June, 2008

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Bingara Mayo's Son Bluey Dingo The Old Blue Dog Revenge is Sweet Keeping Faith
Stories by Outback Jack A true Story Dogaholics Anonymous Mateship Some Smart Dog Why Dogs Dig
Much More Than A Mate Put Simply, the Luck of the Draw. Top Dog Dog Jargon "Solidarity" "Dear Dog"
Alternative Flea Control Philosophy of a dog How could you? Rescue help need ASAP Show Phone Charges Fitness Program
Where did all those dog expressions come from A Dog's Prayer The Ten Commandments (pet version) A Letter to Dogs and Cats On Dogs and Dunnies An explaination of dog vomit
Dear God,What is "Time"? I Am Your Puppy The Good Old Days Living In Dog Years. An Exhibitors Prayer. A Dog Named sex
More pigs than you can poke a stick at God Bless Australia

Submitted by John Chandler