It has been said that a sheepman’s idea of heaven is to have his faithful Kelpies there working sheep with him.

Anyone who has intimately known a Kelpie would agree.

Australian Working Dogs.

By Mrs M.Cleary.

This is my tribute to our Aussie working dogs,
Who give their best in dust and heat, in snow and mountain fog;
They’ll tend their sheep or cattle til their pads are red with blood,
Over hot and blistering ground, through burrs and outback flood.

They ask no special favour like food or brush or comb;
Just to work and give their all, be with you ‘ere you roam.
When the stock is bedded for the night, and you curl up near the fire,
That gallant heart and watchful eye, just never seems to tire.

He lies there, head stretched on his paws, and checks each tiny sound,
Until the sun comes breaking through, and the stock starts milling ‘round.
Another day of parching heat, of lonely outback trails,
But nightfall finds our dogs still there, for they are as tough as nails.

They’ll stand and fight a maddened steer, meeting death there face to face,
Or gently herd that sick old ewe to a safer resting place.
Their eyes hold love and wisdom, the like I’ve never seen.
These three breeds are on their own for a top-notch Aussie team.

MY hat’s off to the Cattle Dog, the red one and the blue;
And you little "Kelpie", and the man-sized job you do;
And the faithful Border Collie with his motto, Job Well Done;
Our own Australian Working Dogs from the land of the burning sun.

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