Borzoi Dog


At first look, the Borzoi dog is similar to a greyhound. It has a narrow slightly domed head. The long muzzle is slightly arched. They have a level or scissor bite. They have a large nose, being black in colour. With dark eyes that have a slight slant. They spot their pray by sight rather than by the smell. Their ears are small and laid-back on the head. This dog has a long and slender neck. The chest is narrow and deep, the back line is arched slightly upwards. They have a low set tail with a sweeping curve.This is a large dog that is tall. This breed has silky, long, flat or wavy coat. Hair is to be found longer on the tail, neck and hindquarters. This breed can come in any colour combination, mostly all solid colours.

History: This breed comes from Russia. For hundreds of years, belong to the Russian nobility. They were developed from the Russian wolfhounds and Arabian greyhound. This breed was called the Russian wolfhound, in America until 1936. When the name was changed, to what it is called today.
This dog is a hunting dog. For hundreds of years this dog has been used for hunting, hare, Fox, and even wolves on the plains of Russia. It is now more a companion dog, and to match that, his temperament is more docile than its ancestors.

Temperament: This breed is intelligent and very kind. This dog showing extreme loyalty, to their family. Showing great less willing to satisfy their human owners than some breeds, affection to people they know well. They are freethinking, in regard to obedience. Gentle and firm training works best with this breed, with clear rules of the home. This breed likes to keep themselves clean, and can appear catlike in grooming themselves. This dog rarely barks. Due to the extreme speed, and lack of any territorial instincts, it is a dog that is not safe off the lead. As with many breeds from the hunting dogs, this dog is not recommended to be left with any non-canine pets. Socialising this dog is a must with any cats or other pets, you have in the home from a young age is best. They are by nature sensitive, so will not like rough handling.

Health issues: This breed is prone to bloat, so should have several meals throughout the day, fairly small in size. This breed needs high nutritional diets, particularly when they are growing.

Grooming: Although this breed has a long silky coat, it is easily groomed. This dog will require brushing regularly, and the occasional use of the dry shampoo. This is a seasonally heavy shedder.

Living conditions: With the right amount of exercise. This dog can live in an apartment. When outside, they need plenty of space to walk and run so a medium-sized garden is required. This dog is better living in the countryside, due to the fact it loves to run and is just not safety conscious.

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