How Healthy Is The Food You're Giving Your Dog

by Derek Rogers

Most people are completely aware of what commercially prepared dog food is actually comprised of, and you would be shocked to know the truth about some of the foods that are commercially available today. Your dog's health can suffer if you are feeding them the wrong food, and many commercially prepared dog food brands are simply not designed to keep a dog healthy, happy and active.

Dogs are infact carnivores. There are situations where they will eat other foods, but that does not mean that their stable diet should not be as carnivorous as possible. The first ingredient in the dog food that you purchase should absolutely be a source of meat based protein. If the first ingredient in your commercially available dog food is a grain or a vegetable then our advise to you is to switch brands. The first five or six ingredients should be primarily meat based protein sources, like chicken, beef and turkey. Fish or rice are moderately okay choices, but primarily you want to go for natural, meaty dog food when possible.

Your dog should be eating kibble primarily. Many pet owners will opt for canned wet food, mainly due to the convenience of it, and the fact that many dogs seem to prefer it. However, there is a reason why kibble is so important: It helps keep teeth clean, and healthy, and it aids in digestion. Wet food is a nice snack, but should not be the primary source of nutrients for the dog.

Some diets are better than others. Many people are beginning to get into the concept of raw diets, and the BARF diet which stands for Bones and Raw Food. While this is an ideal diet for a lot of breeds, it is not your only option. There are kibble brands out there that provide balanced nutrition, as they are created by dog food companies that are consistently updating their recipes and formulas in order to deliver the most efficient diets available based on scientific research and studies.

Are you ready to find a balanced nutritional diet for your dog? Check the label. Anything you buy for your dog to eat, you should check the label first. Just because there's vegetables and chunks of meat on the cover of the bag, that does not mean you are getting real, natural ingredients.

The ingredients should be primarily meat sources, and the grain sources should be adequately processed for maximum absorption by the dog's digestive system. The more artificial products and chemicals you find; the less healthy and nutritious the food should be considered to be. There are a lot of excellent dog food brands.

Your best bet is to shop around for different brands, flavours and types, compare the labels in order to get to know the ingredients, and find something that you really feel comfortable feeding. There's no harm in changing your dog's food if you find something better - Just make sure that you are always keeping your pet's best interest in mind.

About The Author: Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For advice on pet food, he recommends Seapets, one of the UK's leading suppliers of pet supplies

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