A Cow's Lament

Author Unknown

Though I've just given birth to a heifer,
And of pride and milk I am full.
It's sad to relate that my actual state,
Was not brought about by the bull

I have never been naughty-I swear it,
In spite of the calf I have born,
By Freddie Fond's book I am virgo intacto,
And I have not had the bull by the horn.

How dreary the farmyard and meadow,
The cow sheds seem gloomy and grey.
The one bit of fun in the year's dreary run,
Has by science been taken away.

I know the farmer's in business,
And all of us have to pull our fair weight.
But I'd pull and I'd pull, for a nicely built bull,
For this phony arrangement I hate.

It must not be thought that I'm jealous,
There are things that a cow shouldn't say.
But these rotten upstarts who handle my parts,
Still get it in the old fashioned way!!!!

Submitted by John Chandler

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