By Ross Magnay

Well you ask me if I'm dinkum,
Ask me if I'm true blue,
Well I'm a dinkum Aussie mate,
"Cause I'm telling you

Can a fish swim underwater,
Do the Catholics have a Pope,
Or to be a bit specific,
Is a pommy scared of soap?

Yes you ask me if I'm dinkum,
If I'm Aussie through and through,
Well of course I'm bloody Aussie
and damned proud of it too.

Is the weather dry and dusty
In the great outback,
And the famous ringer Trumby,
Was his backside black?

So if you ask me if I'm dinkum,
Australian as can be,
Well they don't come any Aussier,
Than blokes the likes of me.

Was Slim Dusty ever famous,
for a pub that had no beer?
Do you have to be half crazy,
If you want to learn to shear?

And you ask me if I'm dinkum,
And I have to say it's true,
Can an old man emu,
beat a kangaroo?

Is "G'day mate" really Aussie?
Let me ask you that,
And could Sir Donald Bradman
use a cricket bat?

Do Aussie kids eat vegemite,
Or perhaps a pie and sauce?
Did the Man from Snowy River,
Feel at home upon a horse?

So don't ask me if I'm dinkum
.....because I am,
Of bloody course!

Submitted by John Chandler

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