The Early You Start Training Your Puppy The Better
by:David Fishman

Housebreaking any new pet can be a difficult chore, but with repetition and practice the challenge will become easier and easier. If you want the puppy to listen only to you, then don't allow him to play with other persons. Potty training your new puppy is a necessary evil. Doing the task over and over will help train your puppy quickly and efficiently.

Your pet is living in a human world full of confusing things and behavior he can't understand. It is better to create good habits in the beginning; if you start early you can stop behavior problems such as biting or jumping on furniture.

Every dog owner knows that when he/she treats the dog with praise the dog will get greater satisfaction and will execute the command more readily than if the dog receives discipline in another fashion. So when training your dog needs positive reinforcement.

You can train a dog on your own, or you can join an obedience training class and get instruction from professionals. You will find many resources online and most of the online sites are free and you will find many tips and secrets to dog training.

IF you really want to train your puppy you will need to put some effort into it. And some type of dog is trained just for that.

Having a dog that can perform tricks and is very obedient and well trained is the pride and joy of every dog owner. While they are generally warm, loving and loyal, they can be trained to be more obedient. Even if you only have your dog inside for a short amount of time he or she must be trained not to leave a mess.

The correct position for the heel command is your dog at your left side with his shoulder and front leg aligned with your left leg. When you and your dog have a good relationship and training will come very easily. Once your dog understands the commands and you have trained him to a certain point, no matter where you are he/she will obey.

When training your puppy make sure you use positive experiences because negative experiences might affect your puppy, so make sure you make the training positive and fun. And this training requires frequent, consistent, and appropriately timed positive reinforcement. Unlike man, dogs do not know how to differentiate between positive and negative attention.

Your dog will its best when it receives praise, so using positive words and reinforcement you dog will do it best when training him/her. There are two elements at work here: positive reinforcement and intermittent reinforcement. All positive commands should be spoken sharply and distinctly during training.

When training your pet you can use the treat system, this system is training with a treat by rewarding your dog with his/her favorite snack for following your commands or doing something good. Try to go outside with him at least every thirty minutes or so, and make sure you praise or reward him for relieving himself outside.

Properly crate training your puppy is one of the best things that you could possibly do.

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