Fat Dogs

By Pat Burns

Many dog owners refer to their fat dogs as cute and cuddlesome. Fat dogs are often mistaken as healthy canines without realizing that obesity is a serious problem, which needs immediate attention.

Dogs tend to lose weight more easily than gaining it, by skipping, leaping, hopping and playing. Despite this fact, roughly 25% pet dogs brought to vets are overweight. This brings us to the conclusion that it is often a wrong dietary pattern, which is the root of this disorder. The causes may also include some genetic inclination or improper functioning of certain hormones secreted by the thyroid and pituitary glands.

Obesity requires serious thought and treatment, especially when it comes to dogs. Dog breeds like Labrador, Dachshund, Beagle and Spaniels are usually at more risk for obesity.

Fat dogs are prone to innumerable disorders such as nervous tension and pressure on the bones, liver, lungs, kidneys and heart. They are likely to be lethargic and less resistant to other diseases. It also hinders normal functioning of the respiratory and reproductive processes.


The key solution to decreasing obesity in your pet is to increase its level of activity. It is equally vital to note the factors for its obesity, and carry out a proper exercise schedule with the vets advice. This includes taking it for a regular walk and involving games that will enable it to burn its calories.

Prepare a dietary plan that suits the dogs energy needs and accordingly switch to a dog food product, which ensures comparatively less calorie and more fiber intake. Thus instead of supplying high-calorie and low-nutrition items such as cakes, buttered sandwiches or cookies, it is better to give slices of carrots, bananas or oranges.

Your vet can assist you in determining the best dog food for your dog. There are many dog foods on the market and many of them are specifically developed for weight control. Your dogs age and other health issues should be considered when choosing the dog food. Dry dog food is best for their teeth.

Dog owners enjoy giving their dogs treats. Keep their diet in mind when giving treats to your dog. Instead of feeding them table scraps from the table, give them a dog treat that takes them awhile to eat, such as a milk bone.

The owner needs to follow many other habits along with these measures. It is also essential to keep a continuous watch on your dog to keep it away from garbage cans and areas where your dog may eat unhealthy and unsanitary items.

Dog owners should view obesity in their pets as an indicator of the dogs health. Determine appropriate portions for your dogs size and age in order to avoid overfeeding. Instances of overfeeding often occur because the owners yield to their pets wishes. They give it what it likes, instead of giving it what it needs.

It is the vet who can brief the owner correctly regarding their pets needs and provide a suitable solution to deal with fat dogs. It is therefore, important that the owner make correct choices and implement them with the aid and advice of a good vet.

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