Athor Unknown

Oh the dogs they had a meeting, they came from near and far.
Some dogs came by motor bus, some by motor car.
On entering the meeting hall, each dog could take a look
Where he had to hang his tail, high up on a hook.

Now when they were assembled, each canine son and sire,
Some dirty Bulldog son of a bitch jumped up and hollered "FIRE".
Now all was in a panic, 'Twas hell upon to look,
Each doggie grabbed at random a tail from a hook.

The tails were all mixed up which made each doggie sore,
To have to wear another dog's tail he'd never worn before.
And that is why until this day a dog will leave a bone,
To run and smell another dog's tail to see if it's his own.

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Submitted by John Chandler

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