- Author:Unknown -

An old man wandered aimlessly, on a cold and rainy day.
He wished for friends and family, but all had passed away.
He thought he saw a movement from the corner of his eye.
An old shivering dog lay curled beneath the leaden sky.

The old man whistled for the dog, the sad sight made him weep.
Now if it follows me, he thought, this old dog I shall keep.
The old dog raised his shaggy head, with a longing in his eyes.
His tail was wagging slowly, as the old dog tried to rise.

Now the two became the best of friends, they were happy and content.
Until the old man knew one day, his time was nearly spent.
In his bed the old man lay, his heart was full of fear.
For the one that he would leave behind, the old dog that he held so dear.

But the angels came for both of them, that night as they both slept.
For the angels could not part them, so together they were kept.
They rose on wings together, up to heaven did they soar.
The old man and the shaggy dog, friends...forever more

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