Good Advice

Author Unknown

Don't be foolish in yards full of cattle,
They'll win you no medals or stars,
For bad-tempered cows are like barmaids,
They're safer when they're behind bars.

If the cattle pup's careless at heeling,
Get him kicked if you possibly can,
An occasional head-over-heeler'
Is good for dog and for man.

When the sheep pup cuts in on the wethers,
Remember, be kind to him please,
For as youngsters we also ran riot,
And scattered our charge to the breeze

If it rains on the eve of a journey,
It's best if the trip be delayed
Who goes in the wet on the blacksoil
Is hired for a day with a spade.

When the revels are finished and over,
Hurry home if the moon's going down,
Remember, one light in the horsepaddock,
Is worth more than ten in the town.

I'll show you the road where the stumps are,
The pleasures that end in remorse,
The place where the devil's three trumps are,
The woman,the card and the horse.