Great Dane:
Apartment Dog?

byMike Mathews

Most people see a big dog and think that they need a large living space. Well, for the most part they would be correct, but some dogs, like the Great Dane, are just as happy with a small space as with a large one. Ironically, most large dogs have a lower activity level, while smaller dogs require a much greater level of activity. Giant breed dogs usually require two good long walks a day. Small breed dogs generally require more intensive free play as well as a few walks daily.

This gentle giant loves to lie around and only requires at a minimum a good long walk once a day. Once house trained, this breed will let you know when its time for her walk. The Great Dane does not bark much and only becomes aggressive when the circumstances require it. Larger urban areas are no problem for the Great Dane as it loves everyone and needs to be around people. Dignified, kind, and affectionate, it is playful and patient with children. However, because of her giant size and head strong nature, she should be socialized and obedience trained at an early age and always kept on leash. The Dane can even adapt to being left on her own during the day as long as she gets a walk and lots of companionship in the morning and evening.

Like the cartoon dog Marmaduke, this breed is a lovable family pet; loyal to the bone, affectionate, responsible and dependable.

As an apartment dog, she will need a few things to make her and you happy:

1. A space of her own. Whether a corner in your bedroom or a space in the hallway, you will need to provide at least a little spot for him to call his own.

2. A very soft bed or large cushion to lie on or she'll be up on the furniture like no tomorrow.

3. A raised dish.

4. And for those colder climates a coat or cape to keep warm on those long daily walks.

As long as you provide a little space in your home, get some obedience training and provide the exercise this breed needs, then the Great Dane makes an excellent apartment dog. Loyal and brave, she will guard your property. Relatively bark free, gentle and affectionate, she will win over the neighbours. Have an apartment but want a big dog, then get yourself the gentle giant, get a Great Dane!

About The Author: Mike Mathews is a contributing writer and editor for the popular dog breed site: He provides informative, real-world advice and tips on dog breeds, dog health, dog grooming and more. As well be sure to check out his free report on Dog Training.

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