A Guide To Your Puppy's Health
Author:Randy Jones

A pup's life is filled with dangers and very easily lost in a big world. However, puppies seem to have an incredible resistance to human and bacterial diseases. The major areas that will concern you most in caring for your pup are: feeding, preventive shots, worming, and a good eye for disease.

The first major question to consider is which vet to take him to. Other dog owners will be glad to give you advice and references. Use pretty much the same criteria you would in choosing your own family doctor, a good manner with dogs, a willingness to discuss symptoms and treatment, and a gentle touch with his patient. But whatever you do, do not wait until the last minute to phone frantically around the city with a sick puppy on your hands.

Your next concern is preventive shots against distemper, hepatitis, rabies and leptospirosis. Distemper is a prevalent disease of dogs and many die needlessly due to this ailment. Along with hepatitis, which can literally have no symptoms, rabies which is always a threat from wild animals, and leptospirosis that can destroy the kidneys, are major threats to your puppy's life. But all are preventable with vaccinations.

Worms of various varieties are also a particular problem in puppies. There are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and many others. Diagnosis of worm infestation in your puppy is something which should be left strictly to your veterinarian, as should worm treatment. Most veterinarians will do a stool examination of any young puppy under their care as a matter of routine.

In general, the healthy puppy is characterized by all the familiar outward signs of playfulness, alertness, bright eyes, good appetite, and healthy coat. The first signs of illness you will see in your pup are the reversal of these. If his appetite falls off sharply, if he becomes listless, if his eyes are dull or his coat seems coarse and dry, something is wrong. At the first indication of a problem, you should consult your veterinarian. Older dogs have a stronger constitution due to their size and certain immunities that have developed since after all they were puppies too!

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