A Standard for/Owner/Breeders/Handlers

General Characteristics:  The ideal is an energetic, far-sighted creature, with the courage and perserverance of a hound and a natural antipathy for losing. He/she should appear neither clumsy nor awkward, as a certain amount of speed is essential while doing his/her thing. He/she is usually found in packs at dog shows.

Head and Skull:  The width betwen the ears varies with wins and losses. surmounted by a topknot of long or short hair, either flat, wavy, or rather curly. On occassion may be thinning on top or completely bald, but the latter is rare on the female. The male sometimes shows a beard. Again, this rare on the female but not entirely unheard of.

Nose:  A pinkish tinge during the summer months is allowable. If accompanied by a distinct odour of distilled spirit, the degree of this influence should be taken into account. A bright red nose should be penalised.

Ears:  In proportion to the head. Ability to listen whilst in the company of elder and wiser breeders is to be greatly desired.

Mouth:  Large enough to accomodate a foot being put in it. A slight bulge in the jaw denotes a liver bait. In females variations in lip colouring is noticeable.

Body:  The Short-coupled variety, usually plump and well padded in hindquarters. Flabbiness to be penalised. Long coupled variety is mainly lean and sinewy. Extra size in both varieties is to be expected and is of no advantage in either variety , provided it does not interfere with freedom of movement.

Shoulders:   Should be well carried, never padded or drooping. Broad enough for slapping or crying on.

Chest:  Large with plenty of room for heart and lungs. In the female of the breed lungs should be well defined, neither too small or too large.

Forearms:   Flexible and well muscled, caused by lifting dog crates, erecting tents, carrying dogs and grooming. Left forearm has tendency to be longer than right.

Hands:   A working specimen will have short, well chewed nails. Long nails or loss of nails should be penailised.

Legs and Feet:  Males: - Very muscular and flexible. Females: A more slender outline is preferred. Endurance is not of great importance. Knees to be well bent and are often found with pitting caused by small stones. Gravel rashing is to be ignored.

Coat and Colour:  Coat texture and length will differ from venue to venue and should not be penalised unless the length is so great that it hides the outline of the exhibit. Colour is cosmetic and should not be penalised except a vivid green, which denotes an over abundance of envy and blood red which would indicate excessive rage. Both are disqualifying faults.

Temperament:  Aloof and dignified, even elegant whilst working. A cheerful, spirited and tractable disposition is desired when in the company of the pack. Shyness and wariness towards strangers is not considered a fault. However, Rumour-mongering and viciousness in any degree is abn immediate disqualification.

General Faults:  Over groomed, tardiness in arriving late for entry class, ignorance in not answering stewards call, bribery in any form, especially in the undoing of blouse buttons, bad sportsmanship, bad mouthing other competitors, backbiting and verbally abusing the judge.