Now, I know in every specialist field,
Thereís a certain kind of patter,
To decide at length and make some sense,
Of things that really matter.

Thereís computer jibe and hi-tec vibe,
Itís enough to make you reel.
But none of these brings unease
Like the "Doggie Personís" spiel.

If you thought C.Cs were a kind of chip,
And B.I.G meant something large,
Youíre not along if you feel confused,
To the novice itís quite a barrage.

A "monorchid" is not an exotic flower,
"Close coulpled" is not romantic,
"Lay back" is not an attitude,
Itís enough to make you frantic.

A "staring coat" is not a garment with eyes,
"Sway back" is not a kind of dance.
"Tucked up" is not what you do in bed,
"Set up" is not a fraud, but a stance.

"Undershot" isnít a misfired gun,
And a "Gay tail" is not a nancy.
This terminology can be tough,
On those not of the fancy.

"Cow hocks" are not strictly bovine,
A "Good-doer" is not always a saint.
A "Down face" can often be cheerful,
If you think "smut" is rude, well it ainít!

A "Shoulder" can sometimes be "Bossy",
A "Stern" can often be "High",
A "Stifle" should always be "Well bent",
But what on earth is a good "Second Thigh".

If you find this all too confusing,
Over you head and sick of the hype,
And you just want to baffle the experts,
Then say:

Ah! But isnít he loaded with "TYPE"

By the Puppy Pen.

Submitted by John Chandler

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