By Bernadette Merchant

Note: The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog was, until some years back, known only as the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog..Because this breed is strictly of Australian Origin, breeders pushed for the breed to be recognised as Australian.

High on a mountain
In a far away place,
Lives a legend,
A hero,
'Tis no disgrace.

Ma Farkin you know,
Is more than a name,
A battler,a fighter,
Tis her claim to fame.

Under her wing
The Stumpy did come
An unusual dog,
An unusual Mum.

No "Australian" to name?
How can this be?
Ma Farkin will fix this,
We will just see..

Ma Farkin she prayed for
Devine intervention,
As her beloved "Stumpy Tails"
Demanded attention.

Ma Farkin ask's
'The powers to be'
A decision must be made
To make "Ma" happee..

A survey was done,
Tis the democratic way.
Let the Owners,the Breeders
All have their say.

Early Sunday Morn,
A bird did fly by,
And shit on Ma's decking,
Ma let out a sigh.

It was a sign,
A message,
Call it what you will,
But Ma saw the meaning,she aint no dill

Ma's outlook on "The meaning of life"
There's a reason for this,
So she sat on her rocker
And looked at that shit

The result must be in,Ma scratches her head,
'Tis a good sign
Ma knows it
She can now go to bed

A fax did come through
The early hours of the morn,
The "Australian" Stumpy Tail
Has been born

Ma Farkin she hollers
And whooopee and screams
It's happened,We done it
Ma's fulfilled her dream

This ain't the end
Of Ma and her missions,
She has more causes to fight
There's lots in her visions

Ma's resting up now
On her mountain so high,
Some home brew she swigs
And looks up at the sky

One battle is won
But that ain't enough
There's more for Ma Farkin,
Cause she's 'FARKIN' tough...

per kind permission B.Merchant.

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