Townsville Men's Shed

Street Address: 1 Charters Towers Road, Townsville City.
Phone/Fax No: 47724422
Postal Address: PO Box 280 Hyde Park Qld 4812
E-Mail Address: townsvillemensshed@gmail.com
Operating Hours: Week days from 8.30a.m. - 12.30p.m.

Townsville Men's Shed.

1 Charters Towers Road, opposite the Townsville Railway Station.

Entry via an acute left turn off Charters Towers Road before the Railway Lights.

Caution when exiting Charters Towers Road is encouraged.

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Townsville Men's Shed (TMS) is a registered business name of the Vietnam Veteran Federation Townsville Inc (VVF). As such, TMS is managed and funded by Veterans Support Center which is also a registered business name of VVF.

The Management Committee of the VVF has delegated the Secretary, Chris Mills, as the TMS Convenor and to form the TMS Working Group (TMSWG) as an interim Management Committee.

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In 2008, one of VVF's (the Vietnam Veteran Federation) advocates, Pam Rankin, passed on her concerns about the isolation of younger veterans with disabilities. Pam felt that there were real indications of social isolation, and drug and alcohol issues. She recommended the VVF consider creating a mens' shed.

In 2009 the VVF s V V F logoattempted to get the Townsville City Council(TCC) to hand over the derelict Sea Scout building in Cutheringa Park, West End, for the mens' shed. At that time there were no men's sheds in Townsville.

After 18 months,the VVF were unsuccessful in getting the building. However, Councilor Vern Veitch managed to get a lease on a block of land in Gill Park on which to construct a shed.

Plans were proceeding on the construction. However, the costs estimates were rising to the point where the Working Group was questioning the projects viability.

At that time an Indigenous Health Group vacated an area in the J.C. Butler building, where the VVF offices are situated. With assistance from the Mayor, Cr Jenny Hill and other councilors, the TCC gave the VVF a 10 year lease on the area now known as the TMS.

The TMSWG has been meeting for the past 18 months to put the project into being. Chaired by the Convenor, the TMSWG has included John Hathaway MP, Member for Townsville, Councillor Vern Veitch, Deputy Mayor of Townsville and representatives from the TCC and Townsville Northern Suburbs Lions Club. There have also been representatives attending from Ozcare, Blue Care, TRCOTA,Alzheimers Aust.NQ and the DVA. It is planned that TMS will incorporate by 2015

Grants have been obtained from Thiess Australia, the Townsville City Council,as well as Lions Clubs. Grant applications have been made to G.C.B.F and The KB Group. It is proposed to approach Q.R.National, DVA. and the Townsville RSL as the program progresses. Townsville Northern Suburbs and Townsville Ross Valley Lions Club, along withthe Australian Taxation Office Social Club have also committed to long term support.

For some years the V V F logoVietnam Veterans'Federation Townsville Inc. (VVF) (IA17920) (ABN 62 230 662 810) has witnessed an increasing need to provide support to male members of the Townsville community, especially veterans.

There is little opportunity where men can be socially active and form friendships. There is little opportunity for activity and interaction in their lives, post work.

TMS will fill this shortfall by providing a location where the male members of the community can spend time engaged in manual activities such as woodwork, metal work, community based training and artistic pursuits.

The main purpose of TMS is to offer men a place to engage with hands on activities; to interact with other men; and by doing so develop a sense of meaning and value around the process of completing projects or participating in training and educational activities.

A place where men of all ages can have a chat and a cuppa, make new friends, share and learn new skills,contribute to the community and gain access to information on men's health issues and resources.

Presently members have been busy making Myna bird traps to fulfill an order from Townsville Ross Valley Lions Club.

        workers     myna bird traps

Through shared experiences at the TMS members make friends, build a network of emotional support and develop a sense of belonging, all of which facilitates a willingness to communicate,often uncommon in men. The health and wellbeing aspect of the TMS would be shown, particularly in terms of preventative health issues.

The TMS would also provide an environment where productivity and being of value would contribute to a man's feeling of self worth, help to develop a sense of meaning and productivity in the years following retirement, loss or hardship.

It is proposed that the TMS will be available for use by paying Service Providers from 1pm to 5pm week days. It is also intended that the Training Room will be made available for 'Not For Profit' Organisations for meetings in the evenings. Usage on the week ends will be by arrangement.

Concept Plan........As of 09/03/2013              Activities........As of 09/03/2013