Miniature Pinscher Dog Breed History, Health Issues, Grooming, Temperament and Living Conditions


Description: This breed, the Miniature Pinscher stands 10 to 12 inches in height for the dog and 10 to 11 inches for the bitches. Their weight is 8 to 10 pounds for the dog and slightly less for the bitches at 8 to 9 pounds. This is a compact dog thats head is in proportion to the body. The skull appears flat, tapering towards the muzzle. Here the muzzle is good and strong, and in good proportion to the head. This breed has a scissor bite. They have dark eyes slightly oval in shape. The ears are high and cropped if in a country that allows this. With front legs being straight, they have small feet that are catlike in shape. Their tail, if it is allowed, is cropped. The coat is short, smooth, and hard to the touch and lies close to the body. Colouring is; stag red, it is red with black hair, black with rust markings and chocolate with tan red.

History: The Miniature Pinscher dog breed comes from Germany and in its genetic pool, we find Italian Greyhound, Dachshund and the short haired German Pinscher. This breed looks very similar to the Doberman, and this is due to the fact that German pincher is in the gene pool of both these dog. The Miniature Pinscher was used to control the rodent population in barnyards and farms, and later in stables in the cities. Some of this breeds' talents lie in competitive obedience and agility and have also been used as a watchdog.

Temperament: The Miniature Pinscher dog is generally of good health and is a proud and courageous dog. With high energy, great spirited and enthusiasm the Miniature Pinscher shines with life. They are loyal dogs to their owners. This dog is generally good with other pets, and is good with children. As with all small dogs, dependant upon how you treat this dog will have a vast impact on their temperament; small dog syndrome is something to be avoided as this will lead to a demanding dog that can be incredibly headstrong, becoming protective and openly aggressive with other dogs, and possibly people. At the least your dog will bark far more than you wish for. This dog, like all others require a good pack leader, this is the owner. This breed is a fast and good learner, and it is very beneficial to socialise the dog well as a puppy. Here, the dog can meet new people and new dogs, allowing for better understanding throughout their lives. If this dog is given good, fair boundaries, and a good pack leader, that understands how fast this dog can learn, exercising both their physical and mental needs, including daily walks. This can be a magnificent family companion.

Health issues: The Miniature Pinscher has no problems and is of good general health.

Grooming: Using a firm bristle brush or comb, brush twice weekly or more often as needed. This breed is easy to keep clean. If required using a damp warm cloth, wipe the coat down to keep the coat clean.

Living conditions: The Miniature Pinscher breed is a good choice for apartment life. It is active indoors and can live without a garden. Always make sure your dog has a walk daily, as it is not just good physical exercise, but also gives the mind something to do, which is important for this breed.

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