A Poem from the Dog.


I loved your website. It made me feel at home, and also taught me a few things. As a Yank my family and I were welcomed with open arms when we moved to our new home in Australia. We loved Australia and its people straight away.

Since we had to adopt out our dogs when we left the States, we looked for an aussie dog to fill the void, and it was filled to overflowing with our kelpie cross named Molly.

When we returned much too soon to the USA Molly stayed behind with our daughter, and her new husband.

Then came the phone call in the middle of the night from our daughter, informing us that Molly was no more. On a family trip to West Australia she had taken a bait and she was no more.

I couldn't sleep any more thinking of my distraught daughter and the kelpie that had such a large place in our lives down under. The result of that sleepless night was the following poem - My tribute to a faithful Aussie dog.

I hope my tribute to a true blue Aussie four footed friend meets your standards and reflects what Australia, it's people, and came to mean to us Yanks in our all to brief sojourn among you. I hope you will find it worth posting on your web site....Dan Sabrowsky.


Per kind permission of Dan Sabrowsky

I lost an Aussie mate today, twelve thousand miles away
A mate who loved to play and run to pass the hours away.
She came to us when just a pup - a little ball of fur;
But still, a bloke could never have a better mate than her.

She'd be right there to welcome you, when you came through the door;
And when you'd scratch behind her ears, she'd whimper for some more.
The highlight of her day was when the bloody Postie came.
She'd run and bark to shake him up: But it was just a game.

A soccer star - a frizbee champ - our Molly grew to be:
But oh, the times she loved the best were when she could run free.
A true blue pal, a bonzer mate - that's what she came to be.
She helped us Yanks to feel at home in a land across the sea.

She lies now 'neath the Southern Cross and the wide Australian sky.
I reckon it's a fitting place for a mate like her to lie.

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