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Much More Than A Mate

By Glenny Palmer.2001

per kind permission Glenny Palmer,Cedar Vale, Qld.

Hidden in the misty Scottish Highlands,
where the purple bells of heather gently sway,
lies the ancient wellspring of our rich endowment,
that lives in you,my faithful friend,today.

On a journey marked by love and dedication,
two centuries our fathers walked with you,
from the frost fields of northern habitation,
to the land of searing sands the Dingoes knew.

And your seed was sown with sound deliberation,
as your purpose here on earth was well defined,
for the harsh new land demanded high distinction,
sought the best of all, together in one kind.

So the fathers saw the best were brought together,
linked the ancient stock to eager working seed,
stout heartedness they gleaned from golden native,
and gave us you, our precious working breed.

Yes, you, my friend, my Aussie working canine,
with broad head, strong and muscular at jaw,
your ready ears pricked short and sharp and heedful,
your brown eyes ever watchful at my door.

Oh, it's such a sight to watch you work the livestock,
yes, you know just when to duck, avoid that kick,
or bound across the sheep backs in the bulldust,
you're a true blue Aussie icon, my first pick!

Some sceptics say that you can't be a show dog,
too frisky, free,undisciplined, they say,
but all your ribbons proudly line our mantel,
and the way you worked, you earned your due today.

But I wonder who it was who taught you language,
yes, I know you understand each word we say,
seems your deaf when Mum says" the lounge, bad doggie",
But mention're by her feet to stay.

And if ever I am down and heavy hearted,
when human beings seem so unaware,
somehow you know and snuggle up beside me,
and I hear you pant "I love you.", true ...I swear.

So I really can't imagine life without you,
why I deserve your special kind of care,
I think God favours Cattle/Kelpie/Stumpy's,
'cause you're all angels (wrapped in doggie hair.)



By Glenny Palmer.2001

per kind permission Glenny Palmer,Cedar Vale, Qld. 1998 Glenny Palmer

A swaggie sat upon a log
and bragged about his faithful dog.
Another swaggie sitting there
said, “ He is nothing to compare
to my old Blue, he is the best…”
and so began the ‘best dog’ test.

Now watch while Bluey makes a fire”
said Swaggie Wal from Windermire,
and sure enough Blue scratched around
and piled up twigs upon the ground;
he rubbed two sticks together fast
until a spark made fire at last.

Well, Swaggie Jack said, “Yeah so what?
he didn’t boil the flamin’ pot!”
He whistled to his old dog Patch
to get amongst the twigs and scratch;
within two shakes of one lamb’s tail
another fire did prevail.

Then Patch picked up the billy can
and to the creek his four legs ran,
he scooped the water in the pot
and waited ‘til the fire was hot;
he put the billy on to boil…
and stuck his nose up…like a Royal.

Old Swaggie Wal he rolled a smoke
and said, “That dog’s a bloody joke.”
He spat, and then he spat some more
and dragged his arm across his jaw.
He gave a wink and said to Blue,
“It’s breakfast time, boiled eggs will do.”

So Blue got all the things Patch got
and fetched the water in the pot.
He picked two eggs up in his jaw
and balanced on one hairy paw;
inside the pot he placed the eggs…
then piddled all on Patch’s legs.

Well! Swaggie Jack said, “Turn it up.”
and Patch wailed like a dingo pup,
while Swaggie Wal he laughed like hell
and Bluey swaggered like a swell.
So Swaggie Jack said, “Come on Patch,
let’s show this hound he’s met his match.”

With that old Patch picked up two eggs
and juggled them between his legs,
he did a double somersault,
the Irish Jig, a catapult;
he boiled the eggs, he baked the bread…
and then... he stood upon his head.

Upon his head the bush dog stood,
his master Jack said, “Very good!”
With great aplomb he balanced nigh
his backside pointing to the sky,
and Swaggie Wal and his dog Blue
just didn’t know what else to do.

So Swaggie Wal said, “Strewth! It’s true,
your mongrel’s just as good as Blue…
he’s made the fire and filled the pot,
he’s boiled the eggs, he’s done the lot.”
But Swaggie Jack said, “Turn it up,
he’s won the test!...where’s your egg cup?”