An Article on Flea Control.

By Kathleen Hentcy


First, I'd like to thank Mr. Chandler for all the wonderful articles pertaining to ACDs. I had an ACD for 12 years (adopted him when he was 3), and just recently lost him. Finding this site is a really nice way to feel a connection to the unique energy and character my ACD had.

I wanted to comment on the flea control article. We have (had, until my cattledog died) 3 dogs and 3 cats. All live in the house. We live in a rural area. NONE of our animals have fleas. Not one flea on one animal, and we use no chemicals, no "flea control program" of any sort, except feeding good food. We make the raw diet for our dogs, while the cats get top of the line dry cat food (You cannot buy top of the line pet food at a grocery story. We get Pet Guard, but there are other brands available as well.), and we give the cats raw meat regularly.

Since we began to feed the raw diet and top quality dry foods about 8 years ago, we have not had to think about fleas at all. Friends used to call in late summer, and say, "What are you doing about fleas this summer? Aren't they terrible?" It only took our bewildered response of "fleas? What fleas?" once for them to realize the "crazy diet" we were investing in for our animals had plenty of rewards to it.

The bottom line is, a healthy animal does not get fleas. If your dog or cat has fleas, it is not healthy. No doubt, it will come to light in the not-so-distant future as cancer or some other horrible disease.

My cattledog died at age 15 - I was very sorry to lose him at what I considered a relatively young age for the breed, but then he had been adopted by the people before me at a shelter, as a puppy, after having been brought in injured and nearly starved. I can only think that attributed to what I felt was an unfairly early demise.

At least he went quickly, another sign of good health, though we don't often think of it that way.

Best regards,

Kathy Hentcy

Submitted by:Kathleen Hentcy
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