Paw Prints on my Heart
Paw Prints on my Heart

Author Unknown

You are with me every day
By my side you always stay
Except for when we're out on a walk
When you spot a rabbit to stalk!!

You're devoted and loyal in every way
You love your hugs and you love to play
When its time for bed you sleep
Without a care in the world, not a peep

I call your name and to me you run
Games of tug of war are such fun
With you I am happy you fill me with joy
I love watching you play with a new toy

You play so content
Every time that is spent
With you is a bundle of fun
Your coat glistening in the sun

You always know when I'm sad
You run over to me and I'm glad
You are my best mate my sweetheart
You leave paw prints on my heart

Submitted by John Chandler