Dog Poems

101 Dog poems about the ACD, the ASTCD and dogs in general.

-From Newsletter Archives of-
- The Australian Cattle Dog Social Club of North Queensland -

Where known I have acknowledged Authors. If you can supply "Unknown" authors please advise the Secretary

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Last updated 1st. September, 2011

The Blue Heeler The Man From Snowy River I'm The Man The Rescue Poem Fair Dinkum It's a Dog's Life
Australian Working Dogs Nine Miles From Gundagai The Cattle Dog's Revenge. The Poetry of Life Dog Jargon Old Jacko In The City
The Family Dog FIRE An Old Mate The Cattle Dog's Death I'm The Dog That Didn't Win A Prise The Old Show Dog
The Power of the Dog The Ten Commandments (pet version) Exemplar The Old Cattle Dog A Poem from the Dog. So Sad:Bye Baby.
"Walking in a Doggie Wonderland" "Much More Than A Mate." "Walk With An Old Dog" "On Dogs and Dunnies" "The Vagabond And His Dog" "Poem for the New Puppy Owner"
"Lend Me a Pup" "A Dogs Soul" "Bet You Can't Own Just One.." "An Un-named Poem" "The Lesson" "Puppies for Christmas."
Good Advice The Queensland Dog Blue and the Sheep A Stump For A Tail A Boy and a Dog The Heeler's Lament
Tale of a Brood Bitch Lament of a Stud Your Friend A Dog's Prayer HOBO Mook and Melba
An Untitled Poem Molly The Puppy One Eyed Jack A Useless Dog The Retired Show Dog
Dog poem Alone Again A Treasured Friend A Dog's Best Friend Why Own a Dog? Old Dogs Do Not Die
Sad Eyes Today I Cried Goodbye Old Friend I Pity The Man Dogs Who've shared Our Lives What Do You Do With The Old Ones?
"If it should be.." The Strays Prayer. Sleeping with the Dog Old Dog in a Locket I Explained it to St.Peter My dog Con...nie
Paw Prints on my Heart We have a Secret An Old Dog's Prayer A Dog Sits Waiting Beyond The Rainbow A Puppy Poem
Poem Of A Neglected Dog Rescue Poem A Cows Lament Four Feet Just my Dog Dancer
Dogs That Have Shared Our Lives A Epitaph to Boatswain Bluey The Old Blue Dog I Loved You Best Yes, I Am A Show Dog
Before I Die Silent Language Let Sleeping Dogs Sleep Dinah In Heaven Fidelty He Will Come
Two Dogs Have I Ode To Mr Chewman Beyond The Kennel Door The Spitit Of A Shepherd Dog Friends Forevermore Beyond the Kennel door

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