....Poke a stick at

Three mates and their pig dogs are out in the bush before daylight one morning when they start boasting of their own dog's ability to find pigs. The "discussion" was starting to get a bit overboard when one said," Let's decide this once and for all. We will send the dogs out one at a time and we'll see which dog finds the most pigs. The other two agree and so the first dog is sent out to "find". He is away about half an hour when barking started and soon he was found in a dry creek bed hanging off the ear of a big old sow. They released the pig from him and away he went again. Time went by and soon the dog returned to the vehicle.

One chap said, "Well, he only found the one pig. I bet mine can find more". So off went the second chap's dog. It was only ten munutes later when they could hear the dog barking and off they went to find the dog and see how many pigs he had found.

They found him in a dead end washout with three pigs bailed up.

"I told you he would find more pigs than your dogs" he said.

As the sun started to creep over the hills The last chap strapped the chest plate on his dog and sent him on hs way. They watched as the dog headed sraight for a thik clump of lantana bushes about a kilometer away. He went straight in and within five minutes came running out of the latana with a stick in his mouth, growling and shaking the stick.

The other chaps couldn't stop laughing at the antics of the third dog.

The owner of the third dog said, "What are you two laughing at?"

"Well" said one chap, "He never found a pig, did he, just a stick"

"What do you mean he didn't find a pig? You stupid lumps can't read dog lingo"

"What do you mean 'dog lingo'"

"He is telling us that there are more pigs in that lantana than you can poke a stick at !!"

Submitted by John Chandler

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