- Author Unknown

Many ways of fun she has found.
This puppy has won yet another round.
My mind is full of these thoughts,
of those "in the acts" I have caught..

Mischief is the game.
Trouble should be her name.
Thoughts of blue sky with fluffy white clouds scattered about I saw today.
The image of a roll of paper towels shredded on living room floor, gave me dismay.

I thought of a pristine lake,
brings thoughts of an overturned water bowl that was left in her wake.
I see wild flowers of yellow, blue and red brought the actions of her unplanting everything in my flower bed.

And while still in the playful groove.
I saw her totally strip the bed in one smooth move.
Alas, that beautiful brindle brain.. does knows how to drive me insane.
Oh how this beast must leave... must go go go...
Ahh, never mind... I won't remember a thing tomorrow