Diet is the Cornerstone of Good Health

Dingoes and feral cats keep themselves healthy by eating whole carcasses. The closer you come to this ideal for pet dogs and cats the better. The recommendations provided are proving to be economical and practical for most people. The pets fed this diet glow with health as compared with the processed food-fed majority.

It is simple, it is cheap, and they enjoy it.


1. Fresh water constantly available.

2. Raw meaty bones/chicken wings/whole fish/rabbit or similar should form the bulk of the diet.

3. Table scraps both cooked and raw (discard cooked bones).

4. As the last resort convenience processed 'all in one' dry foods.

Puppies can be fed basically the same way - just mash or grate their food and feed little and often. Soon they will be gnawing and chewing.

Adult dogs benefit from one day of fasting each week. Old dogs addicted to a laxative diet may experience initial difficulty when changed onto a natural diet.

Create variety. Any nutrients fed to excess can be harmful.

Small pieces of bone - can be swallowed whole and get stuck.

Milk - Associated with diarrhoea. Animals drink it whether thirsty or not and consequently get fat. Milk sludge sticks to teeth and gums.

Exclusively lean meat - Not balanced.

Exclusively vegetable - Not balanced.

Cooked bones - Get stuck.

Mineral & vitamin additives - Create imbalance.

Processed food - Can create dental and other diseases.

There are no prizes for the fattest dog on the block nor the fastest. Feed pets for a lifetime of health. Prevention is better than cure.

IMPORTANT: Please note that individual animals and circumstances may vary.