The Sealyham Terrier Dog

The Sealyham Terrier is a small dog, weighing a mere 20 pounds and standing some 12 inches high. They are close to the ground and very strong with a head that is broad and long when viewed from the side, and is proportionate to their body. They have a slightly domed skull with a small indent running down between the eyebrows. They have large oval wide set eyes, with white ears that hang down. It is customary for the tail to be docked. However, this practice is illegal in Europe except on medical grounds. They are blessed with a double coat, that is solid white but sometimes has a tan or lemon markings on the head or ears.

History. Originally developed in Wales in the mid-19th century these dogs were bred to hunt small game such as otter, badger, and Fox. Their easily distinguished white coat made them stand out from the prey, thereby ensuring the hunters did not shoot the wrong animal. Due to this style of hunting being banned in many countries the Sealyham Terrier is now almost exclusively used as a pet.

Temperament. This breed is spirited, loving and loyal along with bravery and a level of independence that is unusual in a small dog. They're fairly quiet when comparing with other terriers, but can be reserved with strangers. They are generally good with other pets and socialise well. They make a good family pet, despite their being fairly independent in their habits. As with all dogs of this type, it is important to assert yourself as master, or the dog may feel they are in charge. They can suffer separation anxiety if left for long periods of time, and bark or whine. They are cheerful and happy to please, making them a fairly easy job to train, as long as you have asserted yourself correctly, because if you have not their independent streak will kick in. They are pack animals and love being part of the main family; they also get on well with other dogs.

Health issues. They are a fairly healthy breed with is life expectancy of approximately 15 years, with no significant breed related problems.

Grooming. Sealyham Terriers are best off being groomed professionally, unless you are a particularly experienced in stripping and trimming. They tend to shed no hair or very little. If you are planning to show this breed then a trip to the salon will make them look their best, unless you are suitably experienced and skilful to do it yourself.

Living conditions. Whilst tending to prefer cooler weather they will adapt quite well to living almost anywhere. They prefer to be with the family, and love to bustle of the household. As long as enough exercise is provided, they are quite happy living in an apartment.

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