Yes, I am a Show Dog!

Author:Marian Whitley

They asked if Iím a show dog,
I heard my Mom say "No".
She said that I was better,
And didnít need to go.

I show my family that I love them,
With hugs and kisses true,
With extra special tenderness,
When one is sick or blue.

I show my family that I care,
Almost every day,
When strangers pass by our house,
I shoo them all away.

I show my family I adore them,
When I greet them at the door,
With happy yips and wagging tail,
Who could ask for any more?

I show my family that Iím loyal,
And love them all the same,
When they make mistakes with me,
Or forget to play my favourite game.

I show my kids that Iíll protect them,
When Monsters come in the night,
I chase them all out the window,
And cuddle to ease the fright.

So I may not be a show dog,
With pretty hair and bows,
But my family, they do love me,
And itís for them that I do show.

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