Author:Kathy Henderson

We look into a dogs eyes
and its their soul we see.
They talk to us without a sound
for from sin their souls are free.

We see their love and trust in us
as they watch our every move.
We see the fear of punishment
when anger is our mood.

Their silent language we all know,
no doubt is in our minds.
The body language says a lot
but to their eyes we canít be blind.

Like children they tell us they feel bad
tho not a sound is made.
Two anxious eyes bore holes in us
when food is on our plates.

All these things we all know
without a single doubt.
Those happy eyes when we come home,
those eyes that want to shout!

Silent language they possess
is of the purest kind.
Such love and trust and faithfulness
in humans we wonít find.

And when we sit our heads hung low
in torment, filled with anguish,
two eyes are there to offer help
if we but hear their silent language.

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