Some Smart Dog

Two old ringers were sitting around a camp fire talking about the dogs they had owned in the past and how good those dogs were.One of the old chaps said,"I dunno, but I reckon ol' blue here is just as good as any I have owned," pointing to a beautiful old blue dog lying at the edge of the fire's light along side his master."He's as smart as they come," he said.

"Just how smart is he?"said his companion.

"I'll show you at breakfast." replied the first old codger.

At picaninny dawn they rolled out of their swags and the dog's master said, "What would you like for breakfast? How about a couple of boiled eggs?"

"Great," said his mate.

The old feller turned to his dog and said,"Four, four minute boiled eggs please Blue." With that the dog picks up the quart pot and trots off down to the billabong, fills it, brings it back and places it on the fire. He then rummaged through the tucker bag and gets out four eggs. One by one he gently placed them in the quart pot and sat by the fire thumping his tail in the bulldust.

"Why is he banging his tail in the bulldust?" asked the old man's companion.

"He's timing the eggs. Four minute eggs." replied the old codger.

When the eggs were just about ready, old Blue trotted down to the billabong and immersed his nose in the cold water, ran back and tipped over the quart pot and nosed the eggs away from the fire. He then stood on his head.

"What's he standing on his head for?"asked the companion.

"I told you he was smart. He knows I only have one eggcup in the camp."

Submitted by Wooramun Jack

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