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The 1928 N.S.W. Stock Dog Club Standard.

In 1928, the Stock Dog Club of N.S.W.compiled a standard which went into more detail as to actual desired measurements. This standard was not adopted by the then Kennel Control and is only reproduced here so that interested persons may check their dogs more closely and test to see if their dogs come up to the then requirements of a good working dog. Old established and well-respected breeders claim that the measurements fit exactly what a good type of Australian Cattle Dog should be.

General Appearance
That of a thickset Dingo,when shown in good conditions.

Broad between the ears, say 5 inches, or one quarter of the dog's height. The ears should be thick in leather, running to fine points and slightly inclined forwards and outwards - length 3 inches. The skull is flat with a circumference of same at the base of the ears of 16 inches, or 3 inches less than his height, narrowing to 13.5 inches over the eyes. Distance between the eyes,2inches. Length of head overall from nose to occiput is 8 inches or one half the circumference of the skull. Length from eyes to nose 3.25inches, around the jaws below the eyes 9.5inches. Around the muzzle 7.5inches. Strong,level,sound and regularly spaced teeth, gripping with a scissor-like action, the lower incisors close behind and just touching the upper.

Colour of head
Black,tan or blue with even markings preferred.

Brown, darker the better,with a quick,eager looking expression.

Clean,muscular and sloping with close set withers. Front legs straight,well boned and muscular,not under half his height to elbows.

Powerful and muscular with hocks well let down and hind legs slightly bent and placed parallel with the body. The hocks should be slightly over one fourth the dog's height from the ground

Round and strong, deep in pad with close knitted, well arched toes with strong,short nails, resembling the foot of a cat.

Rather deeper than width, but not narrow or pidgeon chested.

Back and Loins
Short,firm and strong to grasp, with a very slight roach.

bModerately short, smooth with a good undercoat.

Carried down, but free from curl, with a good brush, length to reach the hocks.

Blue;   The colour should be blue or blue mottled, with or without other markings. The permissable markings are black,blue or tan markings on the head, evenly distributed for preference. The forelegs tan midway up the legs and extending up the front to the breast and throat, with tan on jaws;the hndquarters tan on inside of hind legs and inside of thighs, showing down the front of the stiffles and broadening out to the outside of the hindlegs from hock to toes. Tan undercoat is permissible on the body providing it does not show through the blue outer coat. Black markings on the body are not desirable.
Red Speckle;    The colour should be of a good even red speckle all over, including the undercoat (not white or cream) with or without darker red markings on the head. Even head markings are desirable. Red markings on the body are permissible but not desirable.

Dogs:        - 18 to 20 inches at withers.
Bitches:    - 17 to 19 inches at withers.

Submitted by John Chandler

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