This is a true story…….. Would I lie to you? J

One year when times were pretty tough and you took on any job to earn an extra "shillin",the Dingoes were giving the cockies out Richmond way a hard time. To try to minimize the problem the local shire council offered a bounty of a shilling (approx 10 cents for those of you born too late to appreciate "good" money) for each pair of dingo ears. A couple of ringers on a place that was overstocked with the feral canines decided that it was a good way to earn some extra drinking money and they sat down one afternoon to work out a plan of attack.

Now they realised that there wasn’t a lot of money to be earned if they only shot the dogs as they moved around during the day. If they went chasing them at night, a light bright enough to see them would frighten the dogs away. Anyway, they reckoned with no sleep they wouldn’t be any good to the boss the next day and they couldn’t afford to lose their jobs, so they had to work out a way to get the dogs to come to them, so that one could keep watch while the rest slept until the dogs turned up.

They worked out that if they took an old boiler from the chook house and strung it up in a tree, the flapping and squawking would be sure to attract the dogs. Then they could string up a carbide lamp over the hen, to give just enough light to reflect the dogs’ eyes, so they had something to aim at. The first night the plan worked beautifully. By morning they had ten bob to put in the kitty. In those days that was almost the best part of a weeks wage. The second and third nights were about the same. The boys were working out how to best spend all this money they were going to make. They could see a big binge coming up at the next rodeo.

Then disaster struck. On the fourth night - nothing - not a solitary hair. The dogs were there in the same numbers but neither of the boys shots were having any effect. They

never hit a dog all night. Something was amiss. One of them could have an off night and miss a couple of shots but to have the two of them miss everytime was just not on. That

afternoon they collected all the empty beef tins and checked out each rifle. Good as gold. ( no reference to any dog intended) . They just couldn’t and didn’t miss a shot.

That night was just like the other nights. Dogs every where. Plenty of eyes in the light, plenty of shots fired, but absolutely no dogs at the end of it. The next night, before the sun went down one of the boys climbed up the tree, and as soon as he heard the dogs he turned up the lamp so he could see what was causing them to miss..

Now, those two blokes were seasoned bushies and they knew that the dingo was plenty smart, but they had a hard time accepting what they saw in the light of that old carbide lamp…… There were the dogs, in pairs, walking along side by side, about six inches apart. The dog on the right had his right eye closed and the dog on the left had his left eye closed. The bullets were passing straight between them! True! = J


** Don’t worry about bitin’ off more than you can chew. Your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger’n you think. **

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