Spaniel Welsh Springer Dog Breed History, Health Issues, Grooming, Temperament and Living Conditions


Description:Description: The Spaniel Welsh Springer is a lovely dog, to look at, that is a working dog of medium size. The head is slightly round but in good proportion to the body. The Spaniel Welsh Springer muzzle is about the same length as the skull but is square in shape. This dogs' nose is an opened nostril dog and the colour is black or brown depending on the coat colour. Their teeth are level or scissor in bite. The eyes are oval in shape and brown, ranging from dark to light. These are fairly wide set. Long ears, which are set close to the head and hang from eye level, have fringed hair reach down to the cheeks of the dog. The Welsh Springer Spaniel tail is docked, in countries that permit docking, setting the tail to the top line and is level; this is carried parallel to the back. The height in dogs is 17-19 inches and in the bitches it is 16-18 inches.
The weight is for dogs 40-45 pounds and in the bitches it is 35-45 pounds. The coat is soft, flat and wavy or straight.
This is medium in length with feathering on the ears and tail, this should be light. Colouring is red and white with all patterning accepted.

History: This dog, the Welsh Springer Spaniel, is a descendent of the English Springer Spaniel. The breed dates back to 1300 AD and this was called the "Cocker" this is a large family including Clumber, Sussex, the Irish Water Spaniels, to name a few. The needs of the hunt started to sort out the type, and needs of use for this breed. The most obvious being if the dog was needed for water or land. The Welsh Springer Spaniel was classed as a separate breed in the 1800. The role of this dog was to find and spring the game. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is very resilient and can work in all weathers. This breed has good stamina and can work for hours at a time. This dog can wander, and so training is very important. Talents this dog is known for are; retrieving, gun dog, tracking, watchdog and hunting.

Temperament:The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a happy dog by nature and will love to be with their family, and gets on very well with children. Wanting to be in the hub of all activities but they do not have the high energy of the English Springer Spaniel. This dog needs good training, starting before the dog is 6 months old, to help stop the need to wander off. This dog needs good leadership, as if not this dog can decide not to listen to commands and become over protective. Socializing this dog well is vital to avoid a timid dog around strangers. This breed is sensitive to tone of voice used and so needs gentle but firm, calm commands rather than hash discipline, with good firm leadership. This is not the right dog for the meek owner as it will bring out the worst in this breed of dog. This dog will need good early training if it is to be used as a hunting dog. This dog is usually good with other dog's and pet's but you will never remove the dogs' hunting instincts so it is best to use this in a positive way such as scenting trials, this will please this dog.

Health issues: The Welsh Springer Spaniel is prone to hip dysplasia, entropion and epilepsy. As with any dog it is very important that you make sure they are up to date on all vaccinations, de-wormings and heart worm preventatives. It is also suggested by the majority of licensed veterinarians that you take your puppy or dog in for a check up at least twice each year.

Grooming: The welsh Springer Spaniel needs daily grooming with a brush but this is all that is required. You can only bath this dog when it is really necessary.

Living conditions: This dog will be fine in an apartment if given the daily mental and physical exercise. This dog will need a fair to a large garden.

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