Why Do Dogs Dig?

Author Unknown

A look into the question of why dogs like nothing better than to get their paws into a good hole.

A simple answer to the question,"why do dogs dig"? would be 'because they are dogs'.  Contrary to what we may think, there is no such thing as a 'pet' dog.   Every new-born puppy has to be domesticated and once house-trained, they do not pass on this domesticated trait to their offspring.   All breeders can do is select stockwhich display a lack of fear, a trait that is generally controlled.   Then, providing the offspring are properly socialised at an early age and exposed to the environment in which they will be expected to live, they will become domesticated.

Left to their own devices and deprived of human contact up to and beyond 14 -20 weeks of age, they will behave like wild animals, and, depending on their physical ability to survive (those breeds which have been selected for lack of coat, or gross physical abnormalities will stand little chance), they will revert to a wild life-style  ... Wild dogs dig dens.

Submitted by John Chandler

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