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The Beginning of a Bead Friendship.

Gerry and I had worked together off and on for a couple years before I ever got to met his wife Jenny. He had told me that she was into beads, but we never seemed to be able to meet up until she started working as the office manager where Gerry and I were engineers. As soon as we met, we knew we had a lot in common. She was wearing the Sea Anemone bracelet she had made and I was wearing a strand of beads I had put together.

Shortly after that, I found out about an antique shop across the state that was going out of business. We live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and the shop was in Naples. I was told that the owner had quite a few strands of beads on sale. I told Jenny about it, and we began to make plans for a trip across Alligator Alley. We couldn't go right away as we were all working against the clock to meet a customer deadline. We were putting in 12 to 14 hour days and what held us together was a promise by our manager that we could take an afternoon off as soon as the deadline was met.

Finally we met the deadline and we were ready to go. My husband lent me his Acura so we could drive in comfort and off we went. We made it across the state in record time!

Once inside the shop we knew we had gone to bead heaven. There was probably 400-500 strands of beads and lots of loose beads too! We had so much to look at! Soon our piles were building as we selected and sorted. At least 2 hours went by with much chatter and laughter and haggling with the owner. We both ended up spending WAY more than we planned - but got such wonderful deals.

After we paid, we had just enough cash money left to have an exhausted late lunch at a nearby cafe. We enjoyed talking about our finds and realizing that we had started a friendship that would last for a long time!

Since then Jenny and I have taken several classes together and gone away for bead shows on the weekends together twice and we always have such fun.

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