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Necklaces Earrings Brooches


All earrings are .925 silver with your choice of gemstones, silver beads and glass beads.

All prices are in Australian Dollars

hammered shapes

items #e1$20 au, e2 $15 au, e3 $20 au, e4 $25 au carnelian, garnet & freshwater pearl

pin earrings

item #e5 $25 au garnet & rose quartz

item #e6 $25 au onyx, blue lace agate, moonstone

lightning bolts

item #e7 $20 au carnelian

item #e8 $20 au turquoise & moonstone


item #e9 $25 au garnet, carnelian, bloodstone

item #e10 $25 au old glass beads including wound,
drawn & crystal & thai silver beads


item #e11 $30 au garnet

item #e12 $30 au moonstone

chain hoops

item #e13 $18 au antique wound & drawn glass beads

item #e14 $18 au antique wound & drawn glass beads

short streamers

item #e15 $12 au citrine & amethyst chip

item #e16 $12 au amethyst & malachite chip

long streamers

item #e17 $20 au moss agate, citrine & carnelian

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